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Firstly, on behalf of ABSIA, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who spoke, sponsored and attended our Annual Conference. The event was a huge success and has been hailed as the best so far. As the first eInvoicing Conference of its kind, ABSIA's Conference gave an invaluable opportunity for the industry and Governments to meet, network and socialise on a topic that is highly energised right now. 

The Trans-Tasman eInvoicing Working Group participated at our Annual Conference along with representatives from the Singapore Government. The ATO, New South Wales, South Australia and New Zealand Governments met with the Singapore Government's delegates to exchange philosophies, ideas and approaches to eInvoicing, within the context of potential regional trade programs. 

The Trans-Tasman eInvoicing Working Group

Back L-R: Glen Butler (NZ Government), Henry Dowler (NZ Government), Mark Stockwell (ATO), Brent Powell (NZ Government), Christopher McSporran (SA Government), Steven Harris (Victorian Government), Glenn Dawson (SA Government), Pamela Gilbert (The Treasury), Michael Rowell (ATO)
Front L-R: Joanne Hogan (NZ Government), Ravi Mistry (NZ Government), Jane Lim (Singapore Government), Shae Howard (NSW Government), Catherine Cox (ATO), Karen Lay-Brew (ABIA), Tegan Johnson (Dept of Jobs and Small Business), Bill Allen (ABS), Chris Howard (ABSIA), Matthew Sedgwick (The Treasury)
Absent from Photo: Kate Carnell (ASBFEO), Michelle Crosby (ATO), Robert Tay (Singapore Government), Sebastian Gana Selban (Singapore Government) 

This year we were fortunate enough to have government representatives from both national and international governments. Singapore and New Zealand were represented at the international level and SA and NSW State Governments were represented at the national level.

On top of other government representatives, we also welcomed industry leaders and those already participating in eInvoicing to give their views on the benefits and challenges associated with eInvoicing. 

Throughout the day there were many networking opportunities for our attendees to talk amongst each other and to our sponsors. The greater conversations generated during the day made for a very successful event.

This was a great opportunity to foster conversations about eInvoicing and the furthering of Digital Procurement and we look forward to seeing how the governance of eInvoicing develops over the coming years.

Again, the ABSIA Board wish to thank all those who made this event the success that it was and we look forward to planning next year's events and conference.




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