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How to list a product

Step 1

Login to the website with your user account. Note: this is not connected to the ABSIA Forum.  Login to the website by visiting the homepage and selecting the Login | Register link on the top right-hand corner of the page. If you are already registered as a website user, skip Step 2 and go to Step 3.

Step 2

Only create a user account if you wish to list products. If you are registering as a user for the first time, the registration page will be presented. Complete it and select the Register button.

Step 3

Once you are logged in/registered as a website user, your user name will appear in the top right-hand corner of the page.  Click on your user name drop down and select the My Account link.

Step 4

This will then display the My Membership page. It will display your membership level and expiry date. If you are not an ABSIA member, it will show your membership level as "Free" with an expiry date of "N/A". You may become an ABSIA member directly from this page: select the Buy Membership button.

However, if you are an ABSIA member and it does not correctly display your membership level and paid membership expiry date, please contact ABSIA on and request that your membership details be assigned to your user account. If your ABSIA membership level includes complimentary Premium Listings, these will only be available once your membership level is assigned. Note: This is a known issue that ABSIA is seeking to address.

This page explains the two types of product listings:

  • Free Listing - up to 15 products may be listed. There is a 250-character product description limit, no text formatting and no logos/images included.
  • Premium Listing - Platinum (levels 1-3 only) membership includes complimentary Premium Listing/s, relevant to the membership level. For non-members, those members who have used their complimentary Premium Listing/s or have membership that does not include complimentary Premium Listings, you may purchase additional annual listings. Premium Listings include an unlimited-character product description, enhanced text formatting and the inclusion of logos/images and customer testimonials. You may also assign an additional two (2) users to maintain your product on your behalf.

The number of listings available to you will be tracked on your membership page.

Step 5

To list a Free Listing product (up to 15), select Add New Free Listing. This will display the Product Detail page for a Free Listing. Note: selecting Add New Premium Listing, if that option is presented, will display the enhanced Product Detail page for the premium listing.

Note: If you are listing a product that will have ATO STP functionality, read the About STP Products page to ensure your desciption addresses the details required.

Step 6

Once you have created the product detail, including a product description that adequately explains your software, select Add Listing to create your product and return you to your Membership page:

Step 7

Your newly listed product will now be visible on your membership page. You will see that it is tagged with "ABSIA review pending" (refer to Step 10). To assign functionality to your product, select Product Detail that will display the Certifications page:

Step 8

Select + Add Self Certification. Note: There is a known issue with Request Agency Certification that ABSIA is seeking to address.

Select an Agency (ATO is currently the only agency) and the functionality via the drop down lists. To add multiple functionality to your product, use the + Add Certification action above the Add button. To remove functionality, use the blue - icon to the right of the functionality row.

When all functionality has been added, select the Add button.

Step 9

The functionality has been added to your product listing. You may further edit your product, delete the entire product, convert it to a different Listing type or return to your membership page.

 Step 10

Your product has now been created, but not yet published on the Product Catalogue. The ABSIA administrator will review your product in accordance with the Member Terms of Use. The administrator will verify the following details before publishing your product:

  • ABN and name of your business
  • User email address, contact details are associated with the business
  • The product name appears as per your website
  • Acceptable business language is used
  • Product is relevant to business software

The verification details may change from time to time.The adminstator will contact you if there are any issues, otherwise, it will be published after these details are reviewed.

Congratulations: Your product now appears on the ABSIA Product Catalogue!