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ABSIA is a Non-Profit Association created to be the collective voice of the Australian Business Software Industry.  

ABSIA was formed to represent the business software industry at the highest level. ABSIA has an important part in transforming how the government and software vendors relate, communicate and collaborate by playing the primary contact point role for interaction between parties.

ABSIA aims to serve all stakeholders that form the totality of the Australian Business Software Industry, including and not limited to the business software developers, consulting and software service providers, large corporations, SMEs and individual consumers, as well as other industry associations and all levels of government.


As the premier industry association, ABSIA supports and represents all the stakeholders in the software community, advocates for a thriving software industry and provides leadership to the Australian digital economy.

...The voice of Australian Business Software.


ABSIA facilitates the software industry to assist the government in providing services to Australian businesses and communities by representing all stakeholders in the software community in key conversations with government agencies. ABSIA is the mechanism enhancing the flow of information to and from government departments regarding current and future government services, enabling better design and delivery collaboration to enhance compatibility and allowing more workable solutions for the software industry.

ABSIA's conferences aim to inform and educate about upcoming industry trends and government directions. Face-to-face encounters allow the discussion of issues directly between ABSIA members and the decision-makers in government agencies, and they also present opportunities to network and socialise with other industry stakeholders.

o   Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide ABSIA members (and non-members if permitted) a safe forum to express concerns, identify collective experiences and challenges, explore new and creative solutions, and determine how the software industry can influence the direction and policy of the government. 

o   ABSIA Forums also encourage online communities of ABSIA members (and non-members if permitted) to discuss topics of common interest for information, decision or action recommendations.

o   ABSIA Online Webinars are designed to share the most up-to-date information on topics of interest. 

o   Face-to-face or virtual stakeholder meetings are convened as pre-scheduled or as required to address specific topics.

o   Regular eNewsletters and email communications summarise, highlight and keep ABSIA members informed of upcoming events.

ABSIA identifies and communicates trends and concerns in a timely manner, enabling members to be better prepared for future business possibilities. 

Want to know more? Click here for the ABSIA Constitution.